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Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Finas sought knowledge about how things worked and dreamed of financial prosperity. But his ambitions extended beyond personal gain; he wanted to share his wisdom with others, spreading love and compassion to people worldwide.

Fueled by unwavering faith, Finas remained unshakeable in the face of challenges. He believed in God's kingdom residing within him, embodying righteousness, peace, joy, and power in all he did.

Finas Black's life serves as a testament to the power of wisdom, love, and sharing. Through his book, he aspired to leave a lasting impact, inspiring generations to live their lives with purpose, faith, and kindness.


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A Compelling Narrative That Imparts Timeless Wisdom and a Message of Hope

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Finas Black's autobiography, "Who is the Man Called," takes readers on an extraordinary journey through his life of wisdom, joy, and sharing. This captivating memoir delves into his family life, the love he shared with his wife for 45 years, the joy of raising four children, and the tragic loss that reshaped his perspective. Through his experiences, readers will be inspired to seek their own greatness and embrace a life filled with love, compassion, and unshakeable faith. Finas Black's autobiography is a compelling narrative that imparts timeless wisdom and a message of hope, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the turn of each page.


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